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Thinking about your life after high school?


Going Somewhere? Live/Learn/Work is about you and your future—your next five minutes, your next two weeks, your next two years. This publication is a quick introduction to career development for young people, that can help you discover your interests, passions, skills and strengths so you can begin to plan your life, learning and work.

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Have you ever considered starting your own small business or becoming self-employed sometime in the future?
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Get the Most Out of Career Fairs
Whether you're looking for a new job or planning to change your career path, a career fair is a great place to start.A career fair brings together employers and potential employees an... read more



Web Designer
Web designers create websites for the Internet and intranet sites that are internal to their organizations. read more

Video: Web Designer (5:40)



Self-Employment: Is It for Me?
Thinking of becoming your own boss? This publication outlines the benefits and challenges of self-employment and examines the motivation, skills, traits and background of successful entrepreneurs... read more



How can I find out if there are any career and job fairs where I live?
See Career Events for a list of upcoming career and job fairs across the province... read more

Transfer Alberta App for Your iPhone or Android Devices

Information about admissions, transfer and educational opportunities in Alberta is now at your fingertips.... read more

Workplace Essential Skills

This tip helps connect employers with the resources they need to get essential skills training for their workforce.... read more

Finding Work Opportunities

The Finding Work Opportunities tip will guide you through proven strategies to find work opportunities.... read more

Get the Most Out of Career Fairs

Whether you're planning a career change or looking for a job, a career fair is the perfect place to get started. You can meet with potential employers to learn about their current job openings and their hiring priorities. To do your best at a career fair, check out Get the Most Out of Career Fairs. This tip will help you prepare for, as well as find career fairs that might interest you.... read more