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MyWorkQuest: A New Youth Employment Website

It's natural to have questions but it's not always easy to get the information you need or find answers you can trust. Getting that first job and launching your career can be intimidating. MyWorkQuest can help. It's a new mobile-friendly question-and-answer website that will help you make the most of your work search and connect you to valuable career advice.

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Do you feel that you have adequate supports in your community to achieve your career goals?
  • Yes, I have lots of supports
  • I have a few supports
  • I would be open to learning about more supports available to me
  • I wish that I had more supports

Tip Sheet


Volunteer: 6 Ways Volunteering Can Boost Your Career
Do any of the following apply to you? Are you looking for a job but don’t have the experience you need? But you can’t get experience because you can’t get a job? Do you need more... read more



Plumbers plan, install and service plumbing systems, fixtures, piping equipment and controls. Piping systems may be used to transp... read more

Video: Plumber (7:24)



Time to Choose...a Post-Secondary Education Program 2015-2016
Graduating from high school? Thinking about continuing your education? Time to Choose will help you pick an Alberta post-secondary program that meets your career goals. Inside you'll find profile... read more



How can I pay for my education?
Paying for education and training can be expensive. Most people use a mix of different resources like savings, earnings, scholarships, bursaries, loans, grants and more... read more

Question: I still want to work after I retire. What are my options?

The tip Thinking About Work After Retirement? will help you identify your skills and resources, as well as evaluate your work options after retirement.... read more

Easy Reading Employment Law Protects Workers Now Available

The latest Easy Reading Employment Law Protects Workers is now available. It includes information on employment standards including the new minimum wage as of Oct. 1.... read more

What's New on ALIS?

Are you looking for help planning your career? Do you want to explore occupations and opportunities in Alberta? Check out the new resources on ALIS and make the most of your future.... read more

June 2015 ALIS eNewsletter

The newest ALIS eNewsletter is now available online. Check it out on our eNewsletter page.... read more

Transfer Alberta App for Your iPhone or Android Devices

Information about admissions, transfer and educational opportunities in Alberta is now at your fingertips.... read more