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Are you looking for work? Whether you're a new job seeker or hoping to make a career change, ALIS has the resources to help. Check out the Work Search Basics or Advanced Techniques for Work Search publications for the information you need in your job hunt.

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Finding Work Opportunities
Finding work opportunities takes some detective work, especially if you’re looking for a job that fits your skills, accomplishments and preferences. There are a number of different a... read more



Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Aircraft maintenance technicians install, modify, service and repair components of jets, helicopters, propeller-driven airplanes a... read more

Video: Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (4:48)



A Guide for Midlife Career Moves
A Guide for Midlife Career Moves will help identify the skills you have and how to apply them in a wide variety of work settings. It's never too late to learn new skills, recognize the many posit... read more



What do I need to know when writing or updating my resumé?
Learn about different types of resumés, tailoring your resumé and more... read more

What's New on ALIS?

Are you looking for help planning your career? Do you want to explore occupations and opportunities in Alberta? Check out the new resources on ALIS and make the most of your future.... read more

June 2015 ALIS eNewsletter

The newest ALIS eNewsletter is now available online. Check it out on our eNewsletter page.... read more

Transfer Alberta App for Your iPhone or Android Devices

Information about admissions, transfer and educational opportunities in Alberta is now at your fingertips.... read more

Get the Most Out of Career Fairs

Whether you're planning a career change or looking for a job, a career fair is the perfect place to get started. You can meet with potential employers to learn about their current job openings and their hiring priorities. To do your best at a career fair, check out Get the Most Out of Career Fairs. This tip will help you prepare for, as well as find career fairs that might interest you.... read more