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Check out the wages and salaries for over 400 occupations in Alberta. The 2013 Alberta Wage and Salary Survey provides information on wages, salaries and skill shortages by occupations, regions and industry groups within the province.

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Career Planning - An Overview
Not so long ago, when most people stayed in the same line of work for a lifetime, “career” was another word for “job.” In today's changing world, it's more accurate and helpful to thi... read more



Human Resources Professional
Human resources professionals provide advice to all levels of their organizations regarding human resourc... read more



Career Planner: Choosing an Occupation
A career is the total of our work activities—at home, at work, at school and in our communities. This workbook is full of exercises and tips to help you find the career that suits your needs and ... read more

Video: Planning Your Career



Who can I talk to for help with planning my career?
You can speak with a career counsellor at an Alberta Works Centre near you or call the Alberta Career Information Hotline... read more

OCCinfo Website

This website is your one stop source for up-to-date information on Alberta's occupations, educational programs and schools. With over 500 occupational profiles, planning your career has never been easier.... read more

Career Events

Are you looking for a job in the Edmonton region? Then you'll want to check out Edmonton's upcoming career events and job fairs.... read more

New report details Alberta's High-Demand Occupations

Chefs, civil engineers, heavy-duty equipment mechanics and crane operators are among top occupations to consider in Alberta over the next three years. The Short-Term Employment Forecast 2014-2016 looks at 260 occupations across the wage and skills spectrum and reveals 31 that are expected to be in highest demand. ... read more

May 2014 ALIS eNewsletter

Check out the latest eNewsletter. It has articles on the new OCCinfo website, youth transitioning to careers and independence, finding the right person for that job opening, stories of women in non-tradtional occupations and more.  Subscribe and get the next issue emailed to you.

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