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Examine the Options

You’ll find all the accredited programs in schools that are available in Alberta here on ALIS. Whether you’re looking for two weeks of training or several years of post-secondary education, you'll find all the accredited programs in schools that are available in Alberta.

Know why you’re going to school
If you are not sure about the occupation or jobs that you can get with the training or education you are seeking, then do some career planning or occupational exploration first.

Plan Your Education or Training
Once you know what you want to do, find the training program that is right for you.

Funding your Education or Training
Financing your post-secondary education usually comes from a combination of financial sources.

Educational Programs

Explore Alberta's post-secondary schools, their programs and distance learning opportunities in Western Canada. OCCinfo: Occupational and Educational Program Information is a factual database that includes information on educational and training programs available. 

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