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Find work opportunities that fit for your strengths and interests.

Getting Ready

When you know what kind of work you want to do, you’re more likely to convince an employer that you’re the right person for the job. Explore your career options to find the work that's right for you.

Your success landing a job may depend on
  • what you tell employers about your disability—disclosure
  • changes to the physical environment and working conditions, such as power-assisted doors and flexibility to keep medical appointments—accommodations
  • programs and services, like financial assistance for a motorized chair—assistive services and technology
Resources and services:

Looking for Work

These resources give you an overview of the work search process and help with specifics, like tailoring your resumé and succeeding in an interview:

Another useful resource is the Job Postings on ALIS.

Resources for Persons with Disabilities

Alberta Community and Social Services contracts a range of agencies across the province to provide employment, training and career services for persons with disabilities. Find out about programs in your area:

Tip Sheets:

If you're a Canadian university or college graduate with a self-declared disability, check out the Ability Edge Paid Internship

Explore job postings and other resources for job seekers with disabilities at Workink


Self-employment can be a good option if you have the knowledge, skills and drive to start your own business. And, as an advantage, it puts you in control of your working conditions.

Use the following resources to explore self-employment:

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