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First Nations, Metis and Inuit Workshops

Learning Clicks offers three different free workshops to help support the pathways of Aboriginal peoples into post-secondary education.

Workshops are presented by our Aboriginal Ambassadors. These sessions can be presented on their own or in combination to suit the needs of the community or school.

1. Discover Your Future: Community, Family and Self

  • Find out more about what types of jobs will be needed in our 21st century economy
  • Identify which jobs can benefit your community and hear success stories

2. Realize Your Potential: The Road to Higher Education

  • Learn about the benefits of post-secondary education for your community, family and self
  • Discover how to overcome challenges and use available supports to complete higher education
  • Explore how to stay connected to your community while studying

3. Planning Your Learning Journey

  • Discover what programs and schools are out there
  • Consider leaving your home for school or using distance learning
  • Learn about education laddering and how this can benefit you
  • Find out about Money Matters
  • Check out Paying for Post-Secondary

Discover who your Ambassador would be for your region.

If your community or school would benefit from such a workshop, be sure to make this request when you book your Learning Clicks presentation.

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