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Youth Reflections: Career Pathing

See how teens are exploring potential occupations through volunteering, job shadowing, work experience programs, and summer or part-time work.

Demi is interested in pursuing a career as a pediatrician. Learn about researching an occupation through volunteering and how having an interest in science and working with children are important to becoming a pediatrician.  

Elliott would like to become an actor. Learn more about pursuing goals and how having a passion for acting and working with characters are valuable in pursuing a career in the arts.

Jason would enjoy a career in law enforcement. Learn more about volunteering with the police service, the skills involved in becoming an officer and making a difference in the community.

Joshua would like to become an engineer. Learn more about exploring interests in the field by attending a pre-engineering camp or learning to build small-scale models and about the importance of communicating ideas in this field.

Lindsay is interested in pursuing a career in arts/science. Learn about careers that combine arts and science and related post-secondary options.

Sephra is interested in pursuing a career in recreation. Learn more about exploring different areas within this interest, becoming involved in volunteering, and the growth of the recreation field.

Spencer would like to become a machinist. Learn about becoming involved with an apprenticeship program, investigating and being successful in the trades and the skillset involved with becoming a machinist.

Tim is interested in a career in soccer. Learn more about different soccer-related occupations and using skills to achieve post-secondary goals.

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