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Campus Alberta Student Reflections

Watch as post-secondary students talk about life as a student or apprentice attending one of Alberta's many different types of post-secondary schools.


    Ajack is studying international relations at a university. Learn about his experience coming from Africa, his career aspirations and life as a university student.

    Barry studies online with a distance university. He discusses working at your own pace and the cost-benefits of distance learning. 

    Brittany is an urban studies student at a university. Learn about her experience obtaining scholarships and becoming involved in student organizations.

    Coby is studying to become a teacher at a university. She discusses interacting within the community and working part-time while studying. 

    Public College

    Dan is a student at a public college. He discusses participating in school intramurals and becoming involved in a mentorship program. 

    Joel attends a public college. Learn more about his experience moving from a rural town to the city, becoming involved in student groups, and getting to know his professors.

    Kristina is a student at a rural public college. She discusses her experience choosing a college and living in a student residence.

    Shawn attends a public college as a mature student. Watch as he discusses his experience being a mature student and becoming involved in cultural activities.

    Tiffany is studying theatre at a public college. Learn about her experience studying with like-minded people, and managing stress.

    Technical Institute

    Dave is studying business at a technical institute. Watch as he discusses working towards entrepreneurship, the benefits of small class size, and becoming involved with his student association.

    Dwayne attends a technical institute. Learn more about his experience making educational choices and gaining work experience through a co-op program.

    Nahreman is studying television at a technical institute. Watch as she discusses her experience researching the industry and making contacts through networking.

    indigenous College

    Sam is a student at an indigenous college. He discusses his experience working with a team and studying in a supportive environment.

    Teneille is studying to be a nurse at an indigenous college. Learn about her experience balancing home and academic life and studying in a small classroom setting.


    Adam is an apprentice training to be an electric motor systems technician. Learn about his experience learning practical theory and gaining work experience.

    Kayla is a welding apprentice. Watch as Kayla discusses her experience obtaining financial support and becoming an apprentice.

    Private College Offering Approved Degrees

    Jordan attends a private college that offers approved degrees. Learn about his experience being involved in athletics and studying in a community-oriented environment.

    Sharon is a student at a private college that offers approved degrees. Watch as Sharon discusses her experience choosing a college that enables her to graduate debt free.

    Private College Offering Vocational Training

    Craig is attending a private college offering licensed vocational training to be a hairstylist. Learn about his experience working part-time while studying and working in a creative environment.

    Ellysa is a student at a private college offering licensed vocational training. Watch as she discusses her experience managing finances and working through an intensive program.

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