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ALIS Polls

What do you like most about the redesigned website?   March 02, 2017
  • I can use it on my mobile phone
  • The new look and feel
  • The personalized content recommendations
  • How former tip content is available throughout the site
  • The ability to create an account and save important content

Past Polls

Do you think you have a good work-life balance?   February 24, 2017
  • No, I work too much
  • I work more than I play, but I'm okay with that
  • Yes I'm happy with my work-life balance
  • I'm working to improve it
Do you know anyone who's just starting on their career or looking for their first job?   January 02, 2017
Hey, that's me!
I have a friend who's in that situation.
Someone in my family is in that situation.
I have a student or client who's in that situation.
I have a friend or colleague who knows someone in that situation.
Nope, can't think of anyone in that situation.
Getting that first job and launching your career can be intimidating. It's natural to have questions but it's not always easy to get the information you need or find answers you can trust. MyWorkQuest can help. It's a new mobile-friendly question-and-answer website that will help you make the most of your work search and connect you to valuable career advice.
Do you have a career plan to help you achieve your goals over the coming year(s)?   December 19, 2016
  • Yes, I've created and saved a written career plan for myself.
  • Yes, I've thought through my career plan but haven't written out and saved it.
  • No, I know I need one but I haven't taken the time to think it through.
  • No, it never occurred to me that I should plan out my career.
  • What's a career plan?
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