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How Does Your Attitude Measure Up?

A positive attitude makes work and life more rewarding. Good things seem to happen to people with positive attitudes. Because they seem to be full of energy and enthusiasm, positive people are fun to be with. On the other hand, negative people can be challenging to be around.

You may spend up to 40% of your waking hours at work. Since your attitude goes a long way toward making work a pleasure or a pain, it makes sense to take a positive attitude with you to work!

To find out how positive your attitude is, try the following quick quiz. Beside each question, select or write the number for the response that best describes you most of the time. Work quickly and go with your first reaction.

3 - Yes 2 - Sometimes 1 - No

Are you dependable and responsible? Do you respect the other people's opinions?
Are you optimistic even when others are not? Do you easily adapt to new and unexpected situations?
Do you try not to complain? Do you respect other people’s beliefs?
Do you speak positively about your employers and teachers? Do you become negative when things don’t go your way?
Do you feel well most of the time? Are you the kind of friend you want others to be?
Do you follow directions well and ask questions when necessary? Can you disagree without being disagreeable?
Do you organize your work and keep up with it? Are you a courteous driver?
Do you take responsibility for your mistakes? Do you usually speak positively about others?
Is it easy for you to like most people? Can you accept criticism without resenting it or feeling hurt?
Can you stick to a boring task? Do you generally see the bright side of things?
Do you recognize your weaknesses and try to correct them? Can you work with someone you dislike?
Do you avoid feeling sorry for yourself? Are you usually enthusiastic about whatever you do?
Are you courteous and do you follow the basic rules of politeness, e.g. saying “please” and “thank you”? Are you courteous even when you’re unhappy?
Is your personal appearance and grooming appropriate for your workplace? Are you interested in the interests of others?
Are you honest and sincere? Do you keep your promises?
Are you friendly? Can you handle being teased, when it’s appropriate?
Do you control your temper? Are you a good listener?
Are you usually punctual? Total:       

Scoring: Click the "Calculate" button or add up your score. There are 35 questions so the highest possible total is 105. Check the ratings below.

95 - 105 Terrific! You really are a positive person.
75 - 94 Well done. Your positive attitude will take you far.
45 - 74 Be aware that you are a bit negative sometimes.
Less than 45 Try improve your attitude, especially in the areas where you responded with a 1.

A positive attitude lets you find satisfaction in every aspect of your life. Your positives will help you

  • adapt to change
  • find work and keep it
  • build your career
  • balance your lifestyle
  • make the most of learning opportunities
  • create more satisfying relationships

People are not usually born with positive or negative attitudes—they learn them through experience. This means you can get rid of a negative attitude that does not support you and replace it with a positive one that does.

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