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Resources for Alberta Students


Resources for Students With Disabilities

  • Duty to Accommodate Students with Disabilities Visit this Alberta Human Rights Commission resource to learn post-secondary institution's duty to accommodate students with disabilities.

  • Students With Disabilities —View videos, planning guides and PowerPoint presentations for learning- or physically-disabled students, their parents, interested educators and professionals.

  • Your Disability at School and Work —Includes information and resources related to disclosing a disability, receiving accommodations such as ramps or modified test schedules and assistive services and technology such as voice activated computer software and special services for students with disabilities.

Resources for Students - The Northern Alberta Development Council

Northern Links
Learn about funding aimed to encourage students from the Northern Alberta Development Council (NADC) region to complete high school and make a successful transition to post-secondary training. Funding is for students in grades 9 to 12 and first year post-secondary students.
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