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Student Aid Alberta invests in Albertans

Student Aid Alberta helps eligible post-secondary students meet the basic costs of learning and living so they can achieve their educational goals. When you apply, you’ll be considered for loans and grants from both Student Aid Alberta and the Canada Student Loans Program.

Funding is available for full-time and part-time students.
If you are a full time student, apply online and you may see your results immediately.
If you are a part time student, fill out and mail this application to Student Aid Alberta. (address on form)

Student Aid has also developed several resources to help students understand student loans and manage their repayment.

To learn more, visit

Other Funding Options

A student line of credit from your bank may be an alternative if you are unable to receive student aid or can’t get enough funding for your studies, e.g. if you’re in graduate studies or studying abroad. If you don’t have a job or a credit history, you may need someone, a parent or family member, to co-sign the loan.

Student lines of credit are different from student aid:

  • You are not eligible to be considered for grant funding.
  • You are required to make monthly interest payments on student line of credit loans while you’re in school.
  • Interest starts to accrue from the day the money is accessed (taken out of the bank).

What’s Your Story?

Two students, two different loan and grant situations

Carlos, is going to technical school to become an architectural technologist. He has $2,000 in the bank from a part-time job during high school and another $1,500 from his summer job. His parents have also saved $2,000 for his education. His tuition and books are covered but Carlos has no other money for the first year, eight months, of school. Since he’s living at home, his living expenses are low. He has applied for several scholarships but if he doesn’t get one, he’ll apply for student aid.

Without government student aid, Naomi, 23, would probably not be going to college. Her parents can’t afford to help pay for her education, so Naomi is relying on summer jobs, student aid, and a scholarship to get her through a four-year program. She’s going to graduate almost $10,000 in debt. She has decided to take longer to pay back her loan, because she plans to buy a car and get her own apartment after graduation. It’s not an ideal situation, but Naomi believes it's worth investing in both her education and her future.

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