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How Much Will School Cost?

Figuring out how much your education will cost can help you plan how to pay for it.

How much school costs depends on

Typical Costs for One Year

Books and Supplies
Mandatory Fees
Living Expense: living with parents

Living Expenses: living independently
(single student for 8 months)
  • rent and utitlities
  • food, clothing, personal care
  • transportation
  • medical/dental, etc.

$4,050 - $8,730
$1,307 - $1,717
$611 - $1,275
$2,000 - $4,000

$9,000 - $11,200

Figuring Out Your Costs

Your costs will be higher if you

  • live with a spouse or children
  • move for school
  • travel home during the school year

Use as many of these resources as you need to help figure out your costs:

Figuring Out How to Pay

Many students pay for school using a combination of resources:

Check out these tip sheets:

Managing Your Money

There are 3 ways to make your money go farther:

  1. Boost your financial know how
  2. Lower your costs
  3. Increase your income

    Check out these resources:

    What’s Your Story?

    Two students, two very different school costs.

    Aaron is starting college in two months to study Environmental Sciences. He found a job for the summer where he’ll make decent money, but not nearly enough to cover all his expenses for his first year of school. He's planning to apply for student aid to cover part of his education and will work part-time through the school year to contribute to his costs.

    Jennifer is a 35-year-old single mother. She’s going back to school to upgrade her education and become a nurse. With two small children, she knows she can’t handle a part-time job plus school work. Because of her circumstances, she will apply to student aid to help fund most of her education.

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