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MyWorkQuest: A New Youth Employment Website

It's natural to have questions but it's not always easy to get the information you need or find answers you can trust. Getting that first job and launching your career can be intimidating. MyWorkQuest can help. It's a new mobile-friendly question-and-answer website that will help you make the most of your work search and connect you to valuable career advice.

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Who do you turn to first for advice about your career, education and training?
  • Family
  • Teachers or school counsellors
  • Friend or mentor
  • Internet searches
  • ALIS resources
  • I don't know

Tip Sheet


Getting and Keeping the Work You Want
A positive attitude will not only help you to find a good job, it will also help you hold on to your work in a competitive market. Many employers say a positive attitude is one of the... read more



Family Physician
Family physicians are licensed to diagnose and treat patients' diseases, physiological and psychiatric disorders, injuries and oth... read more

Video: General Practitioner (5:57)



Money 101: Budgeting Basics for Further Education
How are you going to pay for studies at a Canadian college or university? Read Money 101 to learn about the realities of financing your education. This publication offers straight talk about why ... read more



How do I make a good impression when I start a new job?
If you want to make a good first impression you need to pay attention to the written and unwritten rules of your organization and the industry you’re working in. Check out MyWorkQuest for a few suggestions that apply to most work places... read more

Question: I still want to work after I retire. What are my options?

The tip Thinking About Work After Retirement? will help you identify your skills and resources, as well as evaluate your work options after retirement.... read more

Easy Reading Employment Law Protects Workers Now Available

The latest Easy Reading Employment Law Protects Workers is now available. It includes information on employment standards including the new minimum wage as of Oct. 1.... read more

What's New on ALIS?

Are you looking for help planning your career? Do you want to explore occupations and opportunities in Alberta? Check out the new resources on ALIS and make the most of your future.... read more

June 2015 ALIS eNewsletter

The newest ALIS eNewsletter is now available online. Check it out on our eNewsletter page.... read more

Transfer Alberta App for Your iPhone or Android Devices

Information about admissions, transfer and educational opportunities in Alberta is now at your fingertips.... read more