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Alberta Works Week
Thousands of Albertans attended nearly 70 career and employment events held in over 30 communities across the province during Alberta Works Week (April 25-29, 2016). Don't worry if you missed these events. Career and Employment services are available year round. Check out Alberta Works Week for more details.



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Time-Saving Tools for Busy Lives
Amazing, isn't it? Every day, you've got 24 hours. Some days, you feel like you've grabbed every hour and lived it to the max. Other days, time seems to slip through your fingers like... read more



Custodians clean building interiors, furnishings and equipment. read more

Video: Custodian (4:51)



Recruiting Staff
As an employer, it's important to be able to find and recruit the staff you need for future growth. Make sure your time is well spent. The online publication Recruiting Staff can help you find wo... read more



I have to deal with difficult people at work. Any advice for me?
Good relationships with the people in your workplace can be one of the pleasures of having a job. On the other hand, facing unresolved people problems at work day after day can make you feel like quitting. The Handling People Problems at Work tip sheet lists problems common in workplace relationships and suggests solutions. Look through the list and see if any of the suggestions apply to your situation... read more