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In your search for work or planning for a career, you will want to explore the current job (labour) markets to learn what employers are looking for now, and find out what are the forecasts or trends for future employment opportunities. Job (or labour) market information can be a valuable part of your research and is often directed to specific regions of the province or focused on specific industries or occupations.

What is Labour Market Information?

Labour market (job market) information is about current work and job environments in specific regions including information about specific companies, industries and occupations, such as:

  • who is hiring
  • what occupations are currently in demand
  • which regions of the province need workers.

Learn more about labour market information in these ALIS tip sheets:

Read this online booklet for more in-depth labour market information:

Alberta’s Provincial Labour Market

Canada’s Labour Market

  • Labour Market Information Information about jobs, skills and the availability of workers in Alberta and across Canada.
  • RBC Economics Access this forward-looking analysis of Canadian, American and international financial market trends, including interest rates and currency forecasts, monthly current trend updates and quarterly economic forecasts.
  • TD Economics Learn more about global analysis and information with a Canadian emphasis, including provincial economies, major industries and government finances.
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