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Job Seekers
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Job Search Resources

Find information, examples, links and exercises for every stage of your work search.

Get started—begin your work search journey with MyWorkQuestemployment tips, job search publications and Alberta Work Search Online.
Find work—use Alberta Work Search Online and check out Job Postings.
Network—connect with people and opportunities online and elsewhere.
Research employers—learn about potential employers and industries.
Resumés, cover letters and more—learn to prepare effective resumés, cover letters and emails.
Resumé review—discuss your resumé with the e-Resumé Review Service.
Apply online—submit your resumés or applications online.
Interviews and offers—prepare for interviews and handling offers.

Make the most of your work search—check out these resources:


Young people have many opportunities in Alberta but it can often be hard to know where to start, how to apply what you learned in school to the working world and who you can reach out to for help once you’ve left the classroom behind. Youth unemployment rates are often twice as high as the general population and, for young people facing additional barriers, it can be even higher. Employers are often looking for particular skills and experiences and, sometimes, the career you trained for simply isn’t hiring or isn’t what you had imagined. MyWorkQuest can help you work through these challenges, discover new ways to think about your career and get you started on fulfilling employment that’s right for you.


Alberta Work Search Online

Alberta Work Search Online helps you:

  • identify the skills and experience you have to offer
  • learn how to protect your privacy online 
  • identify potential employers and job opportunities 
  • market your skills and accomplishments
  • learn how to apply online
  • prepare for interviews.

Work Search Video

Get expert advice on 10 common work search questions ranging from "Where Can I Find Out Which Jobs are in Demand?" to "What Should I Do After an Interview?" and more. Watch all videos to improve your job search.

e-Resumé Review Service

Discuss your resumé with a Career Advisor and gain insight into its:

  • accuracy, clarity and relevance
  • completeness and conciseness
  • content
  • description of skills and accomplishments
  • format and length
  • overall appearance

This e-Resumé Review Service is provided free of charge to residents of Alberta.

Job Search Tip Sheets and Publications

Find useful tip sheets on:

  • types of resumés
  • how to write resumés and cover letters
  • how to handle an interview
  • how to use action words to get the job

See the Publications section to order publications or download PDFs on job search, including:

Job Postings

Find work across the province in all kinds of industries, regions and professions. Helpful links have been grouped together to get you started with more than 200 job posting sites.

If you're seeking a job placement service to access job opportunities that match your skill set, use the Job Match feature on Service Canada's Job Bank website.  After performing a match, you'll receive a list of employers with matching job vacancies.

Workshops, Employment Services and Job Fairs

Career Events lists upcoming job fairs and events around the Alberta. Check back regularly for dates and locations near you.

Services by Region links you to region-specific job fairs, workshops, information sessions and labour market information.

Career Services Near You shows you where to find local career service centres for help with career planning, educational funding, employment assistance and more.

Alberta Job & Career Fairs lists events offered across the province.

Tips for Foreign Workers

Interested in living and working in Alberta?

Visit for helpful information about immigration and the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP).

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)  is a joint effort by the governments of Alberta and Canada to help ensure that valued foreign workers sponsored by their employers can become permanent residents.

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