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Keeping Track

The ’Net. The Web. The online world can be as complicated and sticky as these terms suggest. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re looking for work online.

Stay organized by keeping track of leads and contacts:

  • Use only one browser (e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer) for your work search.
  • Bookmark the websites you visit regularly. Group the websites in folders by category, e.g.:
    • Job Search Websites
    • Employer Websites
    • Blogs
  • Use folders in your e-mail program to group messages by category, e.g.:
    • Job Search Agent/Alerts
    • Employers Contacted
  • Take advantage of the job search management features on any job search websites you use.
  • Use a contact page to keep a record of your work search (PDF)
  • Set up a spreadsheet for your work search if you’re comfortable using spreadsheet software.
  • Check out this free career tracking tool.
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