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Rights and Responsibilities

Find links to information about Alberta employment regulations, legislation and standards to make your workplace safe and productive.

  • Employment Standards Find out about the minimum wage, hours of work, holidays, vacations, maternity and parental leave and other employment rights and responsibilities.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Learn about the Work Safe Alberta campaign, occupational health and safety training and how employers and workers can cooperate to keep the workplace safe.
  • Alberta Labour Relations Board Learn about this independent, impartial tribunal that administers and interprets labour laws that affect unionized workplaces.
  • Employment Insurance (EI) Get information for workers and employers, including work search links and how to apply for EI online.
  • My Rights as a Worker Find out about Canadian labour standards that relate to your employment situation, including rights and responsibilities of employees in federally regulated industries.

Publications and Tip Sheets

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