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Exploring an occupation will help you learn more about

  • day-to-day work
  • training or education you'll need
  • future job trends
  • wages you could earn
  • companies that hire people in the occupation

Researching Occupations

There are many sources for researching occupations.

OCCinfo gives you in-depth information about

  • occupations in Alberta
  • certification and registration requirements for regulated occupations
  • wages and salaries in Alberta

Occupational videos gives you

  • videos showing real people at work in various occupations

National Occupation Classification (NOC) website lists the duties related to different types of jobs. Try searching by

  • skill type
  • job type

Visit a Alberta Works or Alberta Supports Centre near you to access career information.

Visit a local library and ask staff to help you with your research.

On the Canadian Forces website, find information on more than 100 occupations, including

  • dental technician
  • IT specialist
  • infantry soldier
  • engineer

Government of Canada job bank offers news about many job markets in Canada.