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Definitions of Abilities

Definitions of 9 Abilities

Finger Dexterity

Ability to move the fingers and use them to rapidly and accurately manipulate small objects.

Numerical Ability

Ability to quickly and accurately carry out arithmetical processes.

General Learning Ability

With a general learning ability, you can reason. You can make judgements. You understand instructions. Principles make sense.

Form Perception

This is the ability to form an understanding about details in objects and graphics. With this ability, you can make visual comparisons. For example, you will be able to see slight differences in

  • shapes and shadings of figures
  • widths and lengths of lines

Spatial Perception

This is the ability to think visually about geometric forms. You will understand how 3-dimensional objects can be shown in 2 dimensions. You will be able to understand how objects in space are related even when they are moved. This ability may be used in reading blueprints. It would be used for solving geometry problems. This ability is often described as being able to visualize objects of 2 or 3 dimensions.

Motor Co-ordination

Ability to coordinate eyes, hands and fingers rapidly and accurately when required to respond with precise movements.

Verbal Ability

This is the ability to understand the meaning of words and the ideas associated with them. It is the ability to use words effectively. With this ability, you comprehend language. You use it to understand relationships between words, sentences and paragraphs. With this ability you can and present information or ideas clearly.

Manual Dexterity

Ability to move the hands easily and skillfully and work with the hands in placing and turning motions.

Clerical Perception

This is the ability to find the important details in words or charts. An example would be to see differences in copies of text. You would use this ability to proofread words and numbers. It would help you to avoid errors in mathematics.

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