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Planning for Post-Secondary: Grade 10 Checklist

Your time in high school will go by quicker than you can imagine. Before you know it, you will have to make decisions about work or school.

Begin exploring your interests. Would you like to pursue related courses or activities after high school?

Plan now for success later

  • Think about the things you are good at and enjoy doing.
    TIP:  Get some tips on helping you discover your strengths, interests and personality type using self-assessment tools!

  • Explore occupations that relate to your strengths and interests.
    TIP: You can do the interests exercise in CAREERinsite to help you get some ideas about jobs that you may like!
  • Consider choosing challenging courses in school that relate to your strengths, interests, and personality type.
  • Begin or update a portfolio for yourself where you can collect and organize your work in a simple package.
    TIP: A portfolio will give you a leading edge in an interview because it showcases all your great work! 
  • Try getting involved in different things so you can discover what you’re good at like volunteering, job shadowing, or joining school teams or clubs. 
    TIP: Some of these experiences can be added to your portfolio! 
  • Check admission requirements for the postsecondary school you’re considering and work towards meeting those. You can find these requirements by searching your program of choice on Educational Programs at OCCinfo, checking with your guidance counsellor's office or on the postsecondary school’s web site.
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