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Meet Liam! He's a second year JFR crew member based in Hinton

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m Liam, 18, and love to indulge myself in music, typically within the large umbrella term of EDM. The outdoors have always been a treat to explore and see more of, so I had many opportunities to hike and explore, mostly with my dad, mom, and twin sisters. I’ve played both hockey and baseball for the better part of my life, having been a goalie in hockey for the majority, while in baseball I’ve loved pitching and playing the outfield. Looking forward, I’m going to Lethbridge College for Natural Resource Compliance and will see what I want to do after the first 2 years.

Why did you apply to the JFR Program?

Since I enjoy being outside, I figured that a summer job where I got to work outside the whole time, as well as learn new skills and learn more about the various career opportunities within forestry and related areas. Since I’m second year, I applied for a second time since I had such an amazing experience with my first year crew, and so far this group has not disappointed. I also wanted to make sure about my decision on a career path down the road of A&F, which I am sure of now.

What is your dream job?

As of right now, becoming a conservation/fish and wildlife officer seems to be what I want to pursue, but I want continue to explore music in my free time during college and see what opportunities arise in general.

What do you like most about your crew mates?

Everyone in the crew is so accepting and open, and no matter who I talk to I know they will respect my opinion, but at the same time each person is entertaining in their own way

Describe JFR leaders with pop culture/musical reference.

Megan: For Megan I would say the musical artist Summer Was Fun, as all their songs are lighthearted and uplifting, and will never fail to put a smile on my face from the little things in their songs. While for the most part the lyrics are light, attentive listeners can pick up on important messages, in the same way Megan, with her words of wisdom that she bestowed upon us from time to time.

Lucynda: I would say for Lucynda that Televisor gives off the same vibe. Televisor tracks are brimming with excitement and have an upbeat tune throughout, reflecting Lucynda’s attitude throughout the summer. A different kind of uplifting than Summer Was Fun, it injects you with energy which is exactly what I would say Lucynda does. When I feel down, she always has a way of finding the right words to say to revitalize me.

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