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The Interview Process

Interviews are designed to give you and the interviewer the opportunity to observe and communicate with each other. They often follow a standard sequence.

What to expect in an interview

The interview starts with a greeting process. This tests your confidence and your ability to meet new people and handle new situations.

During the first part of the interview, the interviewer asks questions. These will include general questions about your background and specific questions about your skills. Your role is to answer the interviewer’s questions. Expect to do most of the talking. 

The last part of the interview is your chance to ask questions.

The interviewer will signal when the interview is finished. You may want to briefly restate a few key points that remind the interviewer about your qualifications for the job.

Before or after the interview you may be asked to

  • show evidence of your qualifications
  • demonstrate job–related skills
  • take a test that evaluates your aptitude, psychological profile, personality or technical skills

Be prepared to provide your list of references if the interviewer asks for them.

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