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Look For Work

Blogs and Newsgroups

Blogs and newsgroups can be useful information sources when they’re connected to business, career or work search interests. You may be able to use them to find job leads and network contacts:

  • Blogs (or web logs) are currently very popular
  • Newsgroups and discussion groups use different technology but serve the same purpose.

Many individuals and companies use blogs or news and discussion groups to present information, ideas and opinions. Unless the source you are accessing is connected to an established organization like an association or industry group, the time you spend may not provide any potential job leads.

Limit the work search time you spend accessing alternate information sources like blogs and newsgroups. Following threads (discussion topics) and tags (links on blogs) can be very time-consuming!

Always protect your online profile and privacy when you use blogs  and newsgroups.

Some career websites and online columnists suggest reading company, CEO or employee blogs to find job leads or make networking contacts. 

  • Visit a blog about work search.

Newsgroups and discussion groups function like bulletin boards for users with common interests.

For job search and employment discussion groups, check out:

When using these sites be aware that many groups contain uncensored content, particularly those with the alt. prefix.

Check out this article for more information about news and discussion groups

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