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Information to Include in Your Resumé

The information you include on your resumé depends on two things:

  • your background and experience
  • the job you are applying for

What should you include?

Most resumés include the following components:

  • Name and contact information. Include your mailing address, email address and phone number (home and/or cellphone). You can also include your website if it’s relevant and appropriate for an employer to see.
  • Job objective statement. This briefly states the type of work you want. Don’t include a job objective statement if your goal is obvious or if it can be stated in a cover letter.
  • Education and training. Identify your school name, program (certificate, diploma, etc.) and major areas of study or training. List the year you graduated and the credential you earned. If you’re still in school, you can write “in progress” or “estimated completion date” instead of a graduation date.
  • Work history or experience. List your paid and volunteer experience. Include job titles and job descriptions. Identify your employers, your dates of employment and your responsibilities.
  • Work–specific or employability skills. List any relevant items that are not mentioned in the work history or experience section.
  • Languages. List the languages you can speak, read or write. Indicate your fluency in each. (For example, state if you are fluent or if you have reading knowledge, speaking knowledge, etc.)
  • Awards and honours. List any recognitions you have received in school, on the job or in your community.
  • School projects. Identify in–class or extracurricular school projects that show your skills or initiative.
  • Activities, hobbies and interest. Listing these is optional. If you don’t have work experience related to the job, but your leisure activities, hobbies or interests involve relevant skills or knowledge, you may want to list them on your resumé.
  • Volunteer activities and community involvement. List your volunteer activities if you think they might be of interest to a particular employer. List the community, cultural, professional or social organizations you are or have been involved in.

What about references?

You don’t need to include the line “References available upon request” on your resumé. List your references on a separate piece of paper and take it with you when you go to an interview.

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