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Tailor Your Resumé

Tailoring your resumé to fit each job you apply for increases your chances of getting an interview.

Tailoring your resumé means highlighting relevant qualifications to show a specific employer that you have the skills, experience and training to succeed in a particular job. Taking the time to do this demonstrates that you place a high priority on the employer’s needs.

Tips for tailoring your resumé

The approach you take to tailoring your resumé will vary depending on

  • the occupation or industry you want to work in
  • the qualifications you want to emphasize

Following these steps is a good start:

  • Learn as much as you can about the employer. This will help you understand the job requirements from the employer’s point of view.
  • Analyze the job requirements from the employer’s point of view.
  • Identify your most relevant qualifications.
  • Choose the resumé type that will best highlight your qualifications.
  • Study the job ad or posting carefully. Describe your qualifications in keywords and phrases that are the same or similar to those used in the ad or posting.


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