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Use Keywords in Your Resumé

Keywords are descriptive words and phrases included in your resumé to show an employer that you

  • have studied a certain subject
  • have earned a certain credential (for example, a diploma)
  • are familiar with a particular industry or sector
  • know how to use specific kinds of tools (for example, a software program or tower crane)
  • have certain types of skills (for example, project management or materials handling)

Using appropriate keywords in your online resumé ensures that

  • employers and recruiters will find your posted resumé when they search job search websites by keyword
  • your resumé will not be screened out during a keyword screening, either by a person or  a software program

What keywords should you use?

  • Use the words and phrases that appear in the job ad or posting. You can also use synonyms (other words with the same meaning).
  • Look for keywords in the job description posted on the employer’s website for keywords or position profile if available. Browse the website for other keywords.
  • Visit other websites in your industry or sector to find common keywords.
  • Check out the keywords used in other ads for similar positions.
  • Talk to people in the industry or organization and ask them about standard qualifications.
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