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For Work

Think Industry Sector

Multiply your possibilities. Jobs and occupations are changing every day.

Think about 15 years ago. The most likely way to get an album was to walk into a music store and buy the CD. Today you can download music to your device, or buy the vinyl album.

The jobs of music store owners have changed in the last few years. So have their future prospects in these specific jobs.

On the other hand, the entertainment sector, the industry-wide umbrella that includes both online and walk-in music stores, continues to expand and grow. A music store owner who thinks “sector” could open a new online store specializing in vinyl.

How does thinking about the industry sector help you? 

According to, young people in Canada today are likely to experience an average of 15 employment transitions in their working lifetime

Employment transition is career speak for when you change your work or your work changes around you.

Thinking sector helps you with these changes. If you’re interested in nursing, start by thinking health care.  If you’re interested in computer programming, think information technology.

Expand your thinking from occupation to industry sector and multiply your possibilities.

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