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Health and Social Services

Emergency Medical Technologist - Paramedic

Emergency medical technologist - paramedics assess an individual's health status to determine need, priority and method of treatment and transportation to provide a range of emergency services, including maintaining airways with intubation and surgical airways, administering drugs, providing manual cardiac defibrillation and external pacing, monitoring and maintaining blood and blood product transfusions, suturing minor soft tissue injuries, and urinary catheterization. For more information, see the Emergency Medical Technologist - Paramedic occupational profile in OCCinfo.


Alberta College of Paramedics
304, 9945 - 50 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada  T6A 0L4
Phone number: 780-466-2772
Toll-free phone number: 1-877-351-2267
Fax number: 780-466-2869


Under Alberta's Health Disciplines Act and Emergency Medical Technicians Regulation, only members of the Alberta College of Paramedics (ACP) who are registered as emergency medical technologist - paramedics may call themselves Emergency Medical Technologist - Paramedics. Registered members provide health services listed in the Regulation.

What You Need

Registration requires successful completion of: (1) an approved program of studies and (2) an approved examination. For official, detailed information about registration requirements, visit the ACP website or contact the ACP.

Working in Alberta

Emergency medical personnel have negotiated a Mutual Recognition Agreement to comply with the Labour Mobility Chapter of the Agreement on Internal Trade. The Agreement on Internal Trade establishes principles for the free movement of people and goods across Canada. The Mutual Recognition Agreement sets out the terms and conditions for practitioners registered in one part of the country to be recognized in other jurisdictions across Canada.

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