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Advanced Therapeutic Massage - 2200 Hour

Archways Healing College

Archways Healing College

275 - 8702 Meadowlark Road NW
Edmonton, Alberta, T5R 5W5, Canada

  • Program Type Occupational
  • Credential Type Diploma
  • Length 2 Years 2200 Hours (104 Weeks)
  • Part Time Only
  • Cooperative Education
  • Continuing Education
  • Distance Learning
Admission Requirements
Standard Admission Students must meet ONE of the following criteria: 1. Alberta High School diploma or non-Alberta equivalent, verified by transcript OR 2. Successful completion of the General Equivalency Diploma (GED). Mature Admission Students must meet the following criteria: 1. 18 years of age or older 2. Out of high school for at least 2 years 3. Successful completion of a post-secondary program, at the certificate level (at minimum)* 4. Specific high school courses required for program entry include: None required** Additionally, ALL students must meet the following criteria: 1. Clear police information background check 2. Successful completion of an interview with school administrators - Interest in massage and suitability for the program will be assessed during the interview - Students will be notified that CPR and First Aid training are requirements prior to commencing the practicum component of the program*** *The reason Archways insists upon completion of a program rather than an equivalency exam is because none of the equivalency exams listed on the PCCB Admissions Requirements form are good indicators of the work ethic necessary to succeed in the 2200 hour program and as a massage therapist. Archways' 2200 hour program is condensed, therefore, a student without evidence of high school/GED completion must have stronger evidence than one exam that they are capable of handling the load. Completion of a previous certificate program at a post-secondary level is a higher level of achievement than high school equivalency, and a stronger predictor of student work ethic, ability to learn, and success in Archways program. **Students may be from other provinces or be significantly older, and encounter difficulty accessing high school transcripts. Mature students must provide evidence that they passed a post-secondary certificate program at minimum, which is an equivalent indicator of ability to learn. Personal interest and suitability for the career is a gauged during the interview. To ask for evidence of specific high school courses would be redundant, and may screen out students who would make fantastic massage therapists. ***CPR and First Aid training is not an admission require for entry to the program, however, it is a requirement prior to commencing the practicum component.

Student Aid

This program is eligible for full-time post-secondary assistance by Student Aid Alberta for the funding year 2018/08/01 to 2019/07/31*.

  • Tuition $13,800.00 Year One
  • Books/Supplies/Instruments $1,992.00 Year One

* Tuition, books, supplies, instruments, and other/mandatory fees are provided to Student Aid Alberta and may be used when processing full-time post-secondary funding applications. The educational costs provided are based on a 100% full-course load and may not reflect current or all educational costs charged by the school. Contact the school to obtain accurate educational cost information.

Transfer(s) Eligibility

Search Transfer Alberta for course and program transfer information including transfer agreements between post-secondary schools in Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon.

Transfer(s) available outside of Transfer Alberta: Not available

Updated March 03, 2017. The information contained in this profile is current as of the date shown.

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