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Business, Building and Other Support Services

This industry helps businesses run smoothly. Part of the industry's makeup involves management, whether it's managing other companies or owning all or part of another company. Administration makes up the rest of this industry, and it includes services such as security, window cleaning, and temporary help. In some cases, these services are also provided to households.

GDP Gross Domestic Product

Gross domestic product (GDP) measures the overall size of an economy. In 2015, the industry accounted for 3.1% of Alberta's GDP. This represents a 0.2% increase from 2013.

Alberta’s GDP
Increase from 2013
  • company management
  • record-keeping, document preparation, collection, and employment services
  • custodial services, pest control, landscaping, and carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • packaging and labelling
  • waste collection and treatment
  • investigation and security
  • conventions, trade shows, travel agencies, and tour operators
  • call centres

The business, building and other support services industry employed 82,300 people in 2015. This is an increase of 4,200 jobs (5.4%) since 2013.


45,800 men worked in the industry in 2015 (up 10.9% from 2013).


36,500 women worked in the industry in 2015 (down 0.8% from 2013)

Average Wage
Business, Building and Other Support Services
Average Hourly Wage
Average Hourly Wage
  • The average 2015 hourly wage of $24.14 for the business, building and support services industry was below the provincial average of $29.06.
Industry Performance

In 2015, this industry accounted for 3.6% of total employment in the province, with 3,200 more jobs than the previous year. The unemployment rate for the industry in 2015 was 5.4%, lower than the provincial rate of 6.0%.

Industry Outlook

The industry's success generally reflects the overall performance of the economy. If businesses are cutting back, then employment in custodial services, for example, may feel the pinch. However, the industry may benefit from the growing trend to outsource management, administration, and other support services. Furthermore, the weaker Canadian dollar may attract international conventions to Alberta. Also, waste management and remedial services benefit from Alberta's growing population and strengthening environmental regulations.

Industry Employment Trends

Employment in this industry is expected to grow at an average rate of 0.6% from 2016 to 2019.

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