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Bored person holding a remote

You Control Your Life

Giving up control over your life will never make you happy. 

At work or at school, if you find yourself only doing what you have to do … if you feel brain dead … if you stop challenging yourself …

You are bored.

When you’re bored, you forget why you wanted to take a job or course in the first place. 
You clock-watch, you snap at co-workers and friends, and you stop trying to learn or succeed.

You develop a bad attitude.

Now it’s your teacher’s/supervisor’s/parent’s/fill-in-the-blank’s fault if you’re always late, if you can’t handle the work or the customers, if you call in sick, if you lose the job or fail the course.

You blame someone.

When you blame someone else for your situation, you give up control.

Giving up control over life will never make you happy. If you feel this happening to you, talk to someone, look for a challenge, and learn something new.

Take back your life. Let go of the remote control!


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