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Career Information Hotline

Toll Free 1-800-661-3753

Edmonton 780-422-4266

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Career Information Hotline Services

Get expert answers.

Get advice and referrals about your career, education and employment options in Alberta from Career Advisors at the Alberta Career Information Hotline by:

Career Planning

Hotline Advisors can help you find information to:

  • determine your career interests
  • clarify, change or create a career path
  • find your aptitudes
  • be competitive in today’s labour market
  • explore career options.

Occupation Descriptions

Hotline Advisors can help you learn about occupations, including:

  • duties
  • working conditions
  • skills required
  • education and training requirements
  • employment outlook
  • general salary ranges.

Hotline Advisors can help you learn about education choices, such as:

Education Funding

Hotline Advisors can help you learn about student funding and where to apply for:

Job Search Skills

Hotline Advisors can help you with tips on how to search for a job, such as:

This information service is part of Alberta Community and Social Services.

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