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Redesigning Alis for Albertans

Alis has been helping Albertans plan their careers for over two decades. Learn more about how the alis website is being redesigned to serve you better.

The alis website is Alberta’s go-to resource for planning your career, learning and work.

Introducing a new design

Alis offers simple advice that, thanks to a new design, is easier than ever to find and follow.

The new design of alis reflects the demands of today’s students, parents, teachers and career changers. Albertans access websites from a range of devices. Whether they are browsing from a cell phone, a laptop, a desktop or a tablet, the new alis design supports them.

People also want targeted advice. They want it to be relevant to their interests and needs. They want it to be up front—personal even. When they’re not sure what they’re looking for, they want ideas about what to read next. With its new design, alis delivers.

Explore alis today

A clear design leads the way, prompting visitors to take the driver’s seat with confidence.

  • Those who know what they’re looking for (a job, an education, career success) can find what they need under headings that match their quest.
  • Those unsure of where to begin can select their current status, such as high school student or counsellor, right on the home page. They’ll be guided to relevant and timely content from there.

Simply browsing the site is encouraged as well. It’s easy to explore the various sections:

There’s high-value, practical content to be found in each. It’s all there to help Albertans get the most out of their career journey.

As well, alis now hosts occupations in Alberta from OCCinfo and some self-assessment quizzes from CAREERinsite, with more work still to come.

Make alis yours

Visitors can sign up for a free account. Having an account allows them to save their favourite content for easy access across different devices. Alis also provides a tailored list of recommended readings based on browsing history and preferences. This targeted content appears throughout the site as “Suggested for you.”

The new alis design is home to practical resources and timely advice. It’s designed for Alberta’s job finders, career planners, education seekers and career shifters. Explore what alis has to offer if you’re

  • planning a career
  • going back to school
  • looking for a job
  • helping others achieve their career goals.

Bookmark alis for future visits and share what you find with others through social media.

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