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Definitions of Multiple Intelligences

Definitions of 8 Multiple Intelligences


You're able to recognize and understand the motivations and feelings of other people. Teachers, psychologists, and salespeople have this intelligence.


You're aware of your different feelings. You can build accurate mental models of yourself. You use these models to make decisions about your life. People with this strength are found in all walks of life.


You make sense of the world through language. You use words effectively when you are speaking and writing. Writers and editors have this intelligence.


You use features of the environment to make sense of the world. Gardeners, florists and geologists have this intelligence about nature.


You use all or part of your body to create things or solve problems. Athletes, surgeons, dancers and craftspeople have this intelligence.


You're able to perceive visual and spatial information. You can create effective mental pictures. Architects, artists and engineers have this intelligence.


You appreciate abstract relationships. You can use numbers effectively. Scientists, mathematicians and philosophers have this intelligence.


You can create, communicate and understand meanings made out of sounds. Composers and musicians have this intelligence.

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