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Manage Challenges at Work
Working Together

Prepare to Succeed at Teamwork

Being on a project team at work has many benefits for employers and employees. Here’s why you want to be on a team at work and how to prepare for success in your role as a team member.

Support Diversity in the Workplace

A diverse work environment creates opportunity for everyone. Here’s how you can support diversity in your workplace. You’ll realize many benefits by doing so.

Tips for Online Communication in the Workplace

Is your online communication appropriate for work? Here’s some practical advice you need to know before you hit “send” on those emails, group chats, and instant messages you’re writing.

Managing Friendship in the Workplace

For most people, having friends at work is an important part of job satisfaction. But what’s the right balance between friendship and professionalism?

Plan Ahead

Cope With Personal Issues

Succeed at Work

How to Talk to Your Employer About Mental Health Issues

Deciding whether you should disclose a mental health issue at work can be tough. Here are some ways to approach the issue, think about what you need, and start the conversation.

If You’re Depressed About Work, There’s Help

If your career is making you feel sad or anxious, you’re not alone. Learn what to do when you face mental health issues on the job.
Person thinking and leaning against a railing

Sexual Harassment: Here’s What You Need to Know

Sexual harassment is against the law. But what is it and what can you do about it? Find out what you need to know about sexual harassment at school or work.
Depressed woman holder her forehead and looking downward.

Grieving in the Workplace: Cope With Loss

Grief, the process of dealing with loss, is a normal part of life. This article focuses on grief following the loss of a loved one.
person dealing with car problem

How to Manage Unexpected Absences at Work

You shouldn’t have to worry about losing your job because you missed work for a good reason. Here’s why and how to make sure everything is ok—even when you’re not.
Young man gardening on apartment balcony.

Cope With Stress

How stressed are you? Do you know how to avoid or handle stress? Try these strategies to cope with the stress you face at work.
Employer bullying an employee in the storeroom

Bullies at Work: What to Know and What You Can Do

Workplace bullying is a serious problem that can deeply affect the mental, physical and financial health of the person or group the bully abuses.
2 people hugging while at home

Advice for Working Caregivers

Balancing work at a paying job with providing care to loved ones can be tough. Here’s some information and resources to help you manage competing priorities.
Male EMT with arms crossed standing outside of an ambulance.

Support Family Violence Prevention at Work

Family violence, also known as domestic violence, can affect everyone in the workplace—employers, employees, co–workers and clients. The workplace offers many opportunities to make a difference.
Mature worker in a meeting with coworkers

Addressing Negative Stereotypes about Mature Workers

If you are looking for work as a mature worker, common beliefs about aging can work for you or against you. Learn how to combat negative stereotypes and take advantage of positive ones.
Worried person with head in hands crouched in an office hallway

8 Strategies for Managing Fear

Change can be scary—especially if it’s a big change. Learn how to face your fears with these proven strategies.