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Interactive Worksheets

These interactive worksheets, including exercises, quizzes, and checklists, are tools that help you plan your career, explore education, look for work, and succeed at work. Convenient and easy to fill out, your answers can be saved, printed, or emailed.

Plan Your Career

Explore Education and Training

Job Loss Checklists

What to Do First After Job Loss — Checklist

Use this checklist to make sure you've dealt with the most important things right after losing your job. The sections on this checklist correspond to the 5 things to take care of in What to Do First After Job Loss.

How to Cope with Job Loss — Checklist

Use this checklist as you deal with your reactions to job loss. The sections on this checklist correspond to the 5 tips in How to Cope with Job Loss.

Moving Forward After Job Loss — Checklist

Use this checklist as you move into the next stage of life after losing your job. The sections on this checklist correspond to the 4 steps in Moving Forward After Job Loss.
Exercises to Help You Cope With Job Loss

Assess Your Behavior

When people feel they have lost control over their lives, they sometimes compensate by becoming overly critical of people and things around them. Do you have this tendency?

Assess Your Physical Well-Being

It's important to take care of yourself and pay attention to what your body is telling you. Are you paying attention to your body?

Assess Your State of Mind

It’s important to keep things in perspective and to stay as positive as you can. What are you saying to and about yourself?

Assess Your Emotions

Feelings of frustration, depression, worry, and anger will come and go as you adjust to losing your job. How did you feel right after losing your job? How are you feeling now?

Take Care of Yourself

Caring for yourself and nurturing your spirit will help you cope with the challenges in your life. Think of the things you enjoy doing, and make time to treat yourself to them.

Build Your Support Network

No one makes it alone. Give others a chance to help you cope with your job loss.

Stay Positive

Different strategies work for different people. Give your self-esteem a boost by making 1 or more of these lists.
Job seeker discussing with career counsellor at an Alberta Supports Centre

My Work Search Plan and Record

Putting a work search plan in writing will help you set goals and deadlines for your search. It will also help you keep track of what you have done.

Understand Your Work Preferences

To find work that’s the best fit for you, you’ll need to understand your work preferences. These preferences will reflect your most important skills, interests, and values.

Deciding What Questions to Ask in an Informational Interview

Use this exercise to help you choose the most useful questions to ask in your informational interview.