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Health and Safety Training Checklist

Workplace health and safety training matters for everyone—you, your co-workers, your supervisors and employer, and anyone else you see or work with on the job.


Having the right training gives you the knowledge and skills to prevent work-related injuries and even death. It sets you up for success at your current job, and in the future when your work might change.

It doesn’t matter what size your workplace is, how many employees there are, or what you do at work. Every work site has potential hazards that put people at risk of getting hurt or sick, or even dying. In Alberta, the Occupational Health and Safety Act [pdf] makes it law for employers to do everything they reasonably can to protect workers. That includes providing health and safety training to all employees.

This sample health and safety training checklist is a tool you can use to keep track of the topics that need to be covered in your health and safety orientation.

What do you know about workplace health and safety?

Check each box when you’ve learned about that topic.


Depending on your job (for example, if you work with explosives), there might be additional requirements for government-approved health and safety training. There are also video tutorials and webinars to help you learn more about workplace health and safety.

Using this checklist does not mean that you, or your employer, have followed all rules about health and safety training. But it will help you assess what you know—and what you need to learn more about—when it comes to keeping yourself and your co-workers safe.

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