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Graduating from high school? Thinking about continuing your education? Time to Choose has all the information you need to help you find an Alberta post-secondary program that meets your career goals. You'll find profiles of post-secondary schools, where programs are offered, application deadlines, as well as information on career planning, student funding, and more. 


Your Education Needs

You might have a program or career path in mind. Or you may be trying to figure out what you want to do with the next phase of your life. Either way, it is a good idea to make sure the reason you want to get a post-secondary education fits with who you are.

What Do I Really Want to Do?

Follow These 4 Steps to Plan Your Career

Career planning helps you make decisions throughout your career, whether you are just starting or planning retirement. Follow these 4 steps to plan your career.

  1. Get to know yourself
  2. Explore your occupational options
  3. Get ready by evaluating your career options
  4. Take action to achieve your career goals

Occupations in Demand

Want to know what jobs Alberta employers will need to fill over the next few years? Researchers keep an eye on the labour market and put together lists of careers in demand. Take a look and see if one of these occupations might work for you.

Emerging Occupations

There are lots of jobs today that your parents never dreamed of at your age. Cyber forensic investigator? Nanoengineer? Solar installer? Who knew? Emerging occupations are the jobs of the new millennium, created by advances in technology and consumer demand. Explore tomorrow’s world of work in these careers.

Learn About Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship is a post-secondary education program that combines work experience, on-the-job and technical training.

Find Your Best Fit

Think about which program and school will best fit the plans you have for your career.

What Are My Post-Secondary Options?

Explore School and Program Options

Once you've identified a career direction and the education and training you need to make it a reality, your next step is to explore schools and programs.

I'm Ready to Choose a Post-Secondary Program

Discover programs of interest to you, how long it takes to complete each program if you attend full time, and what type of credential you earn when you graduate from the program.

I'm Ready to Choose a School

Discover details about post-secondary schools in Alberta and the programs they offer. Apply to one or more of the 26 publicly funded Alberta post-secondary institutions.

Student Services at Post-Secondary Schools

From on-campus daycare to student residences to accommodating disabilities, there are plenty of services you’ll want when attending a post-secondary school. This features chart will help you uncover which services are available at each of the 26 publicly funded post-secondary schools in Alberta.

Study Abroad: Choose the Right Program

If you’re thinking about studying abroad, give yourself plenty of time to research your options and find the opportunity that’s right for you.

Indigenous Peoples Colleges

A number of post–secondary schools across Alberta offer programs for Indigenous Peoples.

How Do I Make It Happen?

Explore Funding Options

Whether it's a degree, a diploma or a certificate, the post–secondary qualification you earn will pay for itself many times over during your career. But first, you have to figure out how to finance it.

Checklist for Going to Post-Secondary School

The following steps will help get you started on the road to further education.

Learn About Post-Secondary Credential Types

Learn about your post-secondary options and the type of certification, diploma or degree that suits your career plan and ambitions.

Additional Resources for High School Students

Find more information specific to high school students to help you figure out what you want to do with the next phase of your life.

Resources for Teachers

Find resources to help you guide your students on their path to finding a post-secondary option that fits with their career plan.

Learning Clicks: Information for Teachers

Learning Clicks is a post–secondary awareness program that helps students in grades 7 to 12 and their teachers learn about the importance of post–secondary education.