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A number of post-secondary schools across Alberta offer programs for Indigenous Peoples.

First Nations, Métis, and Inuit education offer education and training in an environment that includes culturally relevant programming, counselling services and access to Elders. You can access these through a variety of Indigenous learning providers

See these videos of students attending Indigenous colleges:

Building Career Skills at an Indigenous Peoples College (2:48)

Sam is a student at an Indigenous Peoples College. He discusses his experience working with a team, studying in a supportive environment, and using education to enhance his career.

Balancing School and Family at an Indigenous Peoples College (2:48)

Teneille is studying to be a nurse at an Indigenous Peoples College. Learn about her experience balancing home and academic life while studying in a small classroom setting.

First Nations Colleges in Alberta

Post-secondary programs for Indigenous Peoples

Colleges, technical schools and universities offer programs for Indigenous Peoples:

  • Find out about programs for Indigenous Peoples at Alberta post-secondary schools. Visit Post-Secondary Programs at OCCinfo and search using the keyword "Indigenous" or "Aboriginal."
  • Check out transition year programs, which prepare Indigenous students from a variety of educational backgrounds to enter university faculties and programs:
  • Find out about the Aboriginal Studies programs offered by several universities.
  • Explore funding and learning opportunities for Indigenous Peoples at Indigenous student supports.

Other certificate, diploma, and degree programs

Indigenous Peoples student services

Many post-secondary schools in urban centres provide resources and gathering places for Indigenous students:

The Ben Calf Robe Society Northern Student Education Initiative helps Indigenous post-secondary students from the Northwest Territories and Nunavut make the transition to student life in the Edmonton area.

Distance learning

Distance learning lets you learn outside of a classroom, using online, print, video and/or other resources. You can study at your own pace, in your own community to complete a single course or a whole program, from a certificate to a graduate degree:

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