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Alberta labour market information to help you plan. Discover occupations, jobs, salaries, post-secondary programs, and more.


Explore the Possibilities

Explore the duties, working conditions and educational needs of more than 550 occupations. See whether the career you want is in demand, what you’ll need to study and more.


Occupations in Demand

Planning your career? Discover which occupations are in demand in Alberta, including the number of people employed and related occupations.


Occupations in Alberta

Need help finding a job that fits who you are? You’ve come to the right place—you’ll find more than 550 occupations to choose from. Learn what subjects you’ll need to take and whether your personality suits the job. Discover how much you can earn and what your duties will be. It is your path to plan. Get started now.

Occupations in Demand

Want to know what jobs Alberta employers will need to fill over the next few years? Researchers keep an eye on the labour market and put together lists of careers in demand. Take a look and see if one of these occupations might work for you.

Emerging Occupations

There are lots of jobs today that your parents never dreamed of at your age. Cyber forensic investigator? Nanoengineer? Solar installer? Who knew? Emerging occupations are the jobs of the new millennium, created by advances in technology and consumer demand. Explore tomorrow’s world of work in these careers.

Occupational Reports

6 occupational profile reports sorted alphabetically, by date, by industry, by classification system, by interest code, and by cross-referenced index.


Earn a paycheque and learn a trade—now that’s the ticket! As an apprentice, you train on the job under the watchful eye of a qualified tradesperson. And you often get paid even while you take your classroom technical training. What are you waiting for? Explore trades in Alberta and take your future into your own hands.

Wages and Salaries in Alberta

Look up the hourly wage or annual salary of hundreds of different occupations to help you figure out your future.

Post-Secondary Programs

Discover which institutions offer programs of interest to you, how long it takes to complete each program if you attend full time, and what type of credential you earn when you graduate from the program.

Schools in Alberta

Now that you’ve figured out what you want to study and where your program is offered, it’s time to choose your school. You’ll find contact information, application dates, campus locations, and more.

Student Services at Post-Secondary Schools

From on-campus daycare to student residences to accommodating disabilities, there are plenty of services you’ll want when attending a post-secondary school. This features chart will help you uncover which services are available at each of the 26 publicly funded post-secondary schools in Alberta.

Certifications in Alberta

In Alberta, some occupations are governed by law. To work in these occupations, certification may be required. Find up-to-date information about certification and registration requirements.

Earnings by Post-Secondary Field of Study

Explore possible graduate earnings based on all sources of employment in a given tax year. It is important to note that some graduates may have been employed in jobs outside their field of study and the information is based on median (midpoint) earnings.

New And Updated Profiles

See what’s new in our occupational profiles. Explore recently added new profiles, or profiles that are updated. And check back regularly; you might find a career that’s right for you.

Alberta Job Postings

If you would like to be notified by email whenever new jobs become available, you can create a job alert. We'll then send you a daily email with any new matches to your search category(s).

Industry Outlooks

Learn more about economic and trade activity forecasts in key industry sectors in the province. Use this information to help plan your career and find employment.

Occupational Videos

You can check out videos featuring a day in the life of more than 120 Alberta occupations, from an Aboriginal culture training consultant to a wood furniture designer. It’s a great way to keep an eye on your career plans.

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Workplace Trends

The world of work is always changing. Discover some emerging workplace trends in Alberta and explore how they can help you succeed in your career over the long term.

Labour Market Information

Labour market information (LMI) can help you find work by identifying the skills employers are seeking. As well, LMI can tell you the industries that have excess workers, or are hiring, or experiencing a shortage of workers and much more.