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OCCinfo: Alberta Labour Market Information

Exploring your career options? Labour market information can help. Learn about occupations in Alberta, including typical duties, what education and training you need, what job postings are available today, and more.

Explore Occupations

Occupational Reports

6 occupational profile reports sorted alphabetically by title, by date, by industry, by classification system, by interest code, and by cross-referenced index. The reports contain lists for easy viewing. 

Wages and Salaries

Find the hourly wage or annual salary for hundreds of different occupations in Alberta to help you figure out your future. Filter results by region, amount of pay, or NOC code (National Occupational Classification).

Certification Requirements

In Alberta, some occupations are governed by law. To work in these occupations, certification may be required. Find up-to-date information about certification and registration requirements.

Prepare for the Job Market

Alberta Job Postings

Looking for work in Alberta? Get started now. Use filters to refine your job search. Sign up for alis Job Alerts so you don’t miss the newest job postings.

Labour Market Information

Labour market information (LMI) can help you find work by identifying the skills employers are seeking. As well, LMI can tell you the industries that have excess workers, or are hiring, or experiencing a shortage of workers and much more.

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Workplace Trends

The world of work is always changing. Discover some emerging workplace trends in Alberta and explore how they can help you succeed in your career over the long term.

Think Industries and Sectors When Planning Your Career

Jobs and occupations are changing every day. It can be hard to know what the future of work looks like—but not impossible. Look at industries and sectors for possible inspiration, insights, and opportunities.

Work Search Basics

Are you looking for your first job or your first job in Canada? Are you a mature worker looking for work for the first time in several years?  Regardless of your situation, these tips will help you find work in Alberta.