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Job seeker using a desktop computer in a library.

Use Alis to Find Your Top Occupations and Jobs

There are hundreds of occupations and thousands of jobs out there. Learn how to use the various exercises and filter tools on alis to find ones that meet your needs.

Employment Services

Check out various programs and workshops about career planning, job search, resumé, cover letter, and interview preparation, entrepreneurial spirit, labour market trends, and more.

Plan Ahead

Person wearing glasses, carrying documents, and leaning on a copier in an office

Plan Ahead: 4 Steps to Finding Work in Your Field of Study

As a post-secondary student or recent graduate, you may be thinking about your job prospects. Try these 4 steps to help prepare you for the workforce.
Person sitting on a couch in the living room looking at a laptop and smartphone

Explore the World of Work

If you’re not sure what jobs you want to do or which occupations are a good fit for you, a little research can uncover new or promising prospects. This way you can focus your work search on what really interests you.
Person wearing a striped shirt, sitting at a table and talking on the phone while taking notes

How to Contact Employers to Find Unadvertised Jobs

Many job openings are filled without ever being advertised. To access this hidden job market, don’t wait for just the right job posting—make the first move.

How to Research Potential Employers

Discover why you need background information on potential employers and how to find it.

Think Industries and Sectors When Planning Your Career

Jobs and occupations are changing every day. It can be hard to know what the future of work looks like—but not impossible. Look at industries and sectors for possible inspiration, insights, and opportunities.