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My Work Search Plan and Record

Putting a work search plan in writing will help you set goals and deadlines for your search. It will also help you keep track of what you have done.

Be specific about:

  • What you will do
  • Who you will contact
  • When you will complete each activity

The amount of time you spend on work search activities should reflect your priorities. For example, if networking is your number one method, then most of your work search day should be spent networking.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, set manageable tasks. If you can’t do anything on the list in less than half an hour, break it into smaller tasks. Keep adding to your plan as your search progresses:

  • Describe the activities you plan to complete
  • Set a deadline for each activity.
  • If the activity involves contacting someone, write down that person’s name and contact details.
  • When you have completed an activity, record the date and the results of that activity.

Here are some examples of activities you may want to include in your plan:

  • Prepare resumés and cover letters
  • Network and conduct informational interviews
  • Contact and follow up with employers
  • Check job postings on the Internet
  • Answer job ads in the newspaper
  • Register with employment agencies
  • Attend workshops and job fairs
  • Attend interviews

Look at the sample work search plan and record at the bottom of the page. Then start creating your own.

Sample work search plan and record

Deadline: February 17
Activity: Attend networking evening
Results: Deb Chen, ABC Organization, said to contact Fatima Rai at XYZ Company
Date completed: February 17

Deadline: February 19
Activity: Search job ads in the newspaper and at
Results: Found ad for receptionist at Jim’s Garage
Date completed: February 17

Deadline: February 20
Activity: Contact Fatima Rai at XYZ Company by phone (780-000-0000)
Results: No positions currently available, but Fatima said to try again in about a month
Date completed: February 19

Deadline: February 20
Activity: Respond to ad for job at Jim’s Garage
Results: - Sent resume/cover letter
               - Invited for interview
Date completed: February 19

Deadline: February 24
Activity: Interview with Jim Fields at Jim’s Garage
Date completed:

Deadline: March 20
Activity: Follow up with Fatima Rai (780-000-0000)
Date completed:

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