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Look For Work

Look for Work FAQs

Where can I find out about occupations I'm interested in?Answer

If you are considering a career change, OCCinfo features more than 550 occupational profiles for you to explore including employment outlook and advancement, duties and working conditions, certification requirements and wage and salary ranges.

How can I find out if there are any career and job fairs where I live?Answer

See Career Events for a list of upcoming career and job fairs across the province. 

I've recently lost my job. Where can I get help?Answer

See Dealing with Job Loss for tips on taking care of basics such as severance and EI, coping with your job loss and exploring work and other options.

I'm looking for a job. How can I find out who is hiring?Answer

Search multiple job banks and postings by checking out the ALIS Job Postings section.

Where can I find more information about a company or industry I would like to work for?Answer

ALIS' company and industry research web page has links to business directories, company websites, regional profiles and more.

Are there resources to help me find out what I would be good at?Answer

If you are unsure of what you want to do with your career, CAREERinsite can help. Take one of the quizzes to see where your interests overlap with your skills.

Identify your abilities and interests

How can I find out what it's like to work in a specific occupation?Answer

Watch ALIS's occupational videos for interviews and footage of real people on the job.

How do I find out if I need a specific license or certification to work in Alberta?Answer

The Certification and Registration section at OCCinfo includes answers to common questions about requirements and regulated occupations in Alberta.

I'm still in high school. How can I find a job doing what I like?Answer

Watch the Youth Reflections videos to find out how other teens are connecting their hobbies to interesting career and learning paths.

How can I find out the wage or salary for an occupation?Answer

OCCinfo has Alberta specific wage and salary information for full-time and part-time workers in over 550 occupations.

I have a job interview. How do I prepare?Answer

Learn about what to expect in your interview, review sample interview questions and more.

What is networking and how can it help me?Answer

Check out Networking section to find out why networking one of the most effective ways to find work. 

What do I need to do to succeed in a job interview?Answer

Visit the interviews and offers section for tips on how to prepare for your interview and make a good first impression. 

How can I get help with my job search?Answer

Get help for every stage of your work search.

I keep hearing about labour market information. What is it?Answer

Labour (Job) Market Information is information about economic activity, industries, companies and jobs. 

How can I find out about the job outlook where I live?Answer

Labour (Job) Market information can help you learn about the latest regional information on job outlooks, economic activity, local industries, training opportunities, employment trends and more. 

Where do I find job listings?Answer
How do I write a resumé and prepare for an interview?Answer

You have several options available, check out these resources and services:

Where can I go to get information on starting my own business?Answer

Contact The Business Link, a service which offers information to Alberta entrepreneurs on a wide range of topics.

  • Toll-free phone: 1-800-272-9675
  • In Edmonton: 780-422-7722 or Fax: 780-422-0055

Women in Alberta who are starting or expanding small business can also contact the Alberta Women Entrepreneurs.

  • Toll-free phone: 1-800-713-3558
  • In Edmonton: 780-422-7784
  • In Calgary: 403-777-4250

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