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Succeed at Work

Understand your rights and responsibilities at work. Start your new job on the right foot and learn how to handle challenges along the way. Find ways to make your work life more satisfying so you can achieve balance, grow your career, and manage change in the ever-evolving world of work.

Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

Employment Laws and Standards

What You Need to Know About Employment Standards

Are you starting your first job, or a new job, in Alberta? You may wonder what conditions will be like where you’ll be working.

Sexual Harassment: Here’s What You Need to Know

Sexual harassment is against the law. But what is it and what can you do about it? Find out what you need to know about sexual harassment at school or work.

Accommodations: Working With Your Disability

Do you have a disability? You may need workplace accommodations to be successful. Know what reasonable steps an employer has a duty to take to meet your needs.

Easy Reading: Work Laws and Your Pay Stub

These Easy Reading articles will teach you about the laws around your pay, and your rights and responsibilities related to how you earn income.

Alberta Human Rights Duty to Accommodate

Under the Alberta Human Rights Act, employers have a duty to accommodate. This means that they must take reasonable steps to allow for an employee’s individual needs.

Workplace Harassment FAQs

The Alberta Human Rights Commission covers commonly asked questions about different types of harassment, including sexual, physical, and discriminatory harassment.

What Can Employers Ask You?

How do you answer inappropriate questions? What if an employer asks about your age, health, race, marital status, or religion? How should you respond?

Health and Safety Training Checklist

As an employee, you need to know your health and safety rights and responsibilities, and how to deal with workplace hazards. Use this checklist to find out if you have the training you need and to make sure you keep your safety knowledge up to date.

Handle Challenges at Work

Strategies to Cope With Specific Challenges

If You’re Depressed About Work, There’s Help

If your career is making you feel sad or anxious, you’re not alone. Learn what to do when you face mental health issues on the job.

Bullies at Work: What to Know and What You Can Do

Workplace bullying is a serious problem that can deeply affect the mental, physical and financial health of the person or group the bully abuses.

Cope With Stress

How stressed are you? Do you know how to avoid or handle stress? Try these strategies to cope with the stress you face at work.

Support Family Violence Prevention at Work

Family violence, also known as domestic violence, can affect everyone in the workplace—employers, employees, co–workers and clients. The workplace offers many opportunities to make a difference.

Grieving in the Workplace: Cope With Loss

Grief, the process of dealing with loss, is a normal part of life. This article focuses on grief following the loss of a loved one.

Managing Friendship in the Workplace

For most people, having friends at work is an important part of job satisfaction. But what’s the right balance between friendship and professionalism?

Doing Well at Work When You Have a Disability

If you have a disability, succeeding on the job is usually no different for you than for people without disabilities. However, there may be additional things to consider.

How to Manage Unexpected Absences at Work

You shouldn’t have to worry about losing your job because you missed work for a good reason. Here’s why and how to make sure everything is ok—even when you’re not.

How Corporate Jargon Hurts Communication in the Workplace

Workplace jargon is hard to avoid—but it’s a trend worth resisting. If you find corporate speak creeping into your emails, meetings, and presentations, it’s time to change your ways.

Advice for Working Caregivers

Balancing work at a paying job with providing care to loved ones can be tough. Here’s some information and resources to help you manage competing priorities.

Microaggression in the Workplace

Microaggression is a subtle, everyday form of prejudice that makes people feel different or excluded. It has no place in a supportive workplace.

Examples of Microaggression in the Workplace

Microaggression can take the form of words, actions, behaviour, signs, or gestures. It can be caused by a specific person, or it can stem from the workplace environment.

How to Prevent Microaggression in the Workplace

Everyone can play a part in eliminating microaggression from the workplace. Change begins with recognizing the issue and acknowledging the harm it causes.

Make Your Work Life More Satisfying

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Life is full of choices and decisions to be made. Whether you're considering planning your career, changing jobs, upgrading your skills, or trying to balance work with the needs of your family, these articles will help you see your options, make a decision, set goals, and complete the tasks that will lead you closer to your vision for your life.

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Would you like more time to do what you want to do? More balance between your work life and your home life? Try these strategies to balance your lifestyle.
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