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Succeed at Work FAQs

I'm starting a new job. What are my rights at work?Answer

To understand your rights at work, read more about employment standards. They ensure Alberta work places are fair and safe. You should also read about occupational health and safety.

I would like some training to take the next step in my career, but it’s pricey. Can I get funding?Answer

You may be eligible for support through Alberta Works. If you are an apprentice, Tradesecrets may help. Check out the Fund for Training for more information.

I have to deal with difficult people at work. Any advice for me?Answer

The Handling People Problems at Work article has some useful suggestions about coping with difficult dynamics at work. You may also want to read Bullies at Work: What to Know and What You Can Do.

Where can I find information about staying safe at work?Answer

Find links to information on occupational health and safety in Find links to information on occupational health and safety in the article Are You Safe at Your Job?

What can I do to improve my work?Answer

Check out the articles in Explore Ways to Improve Your Work.. For help identifying the skills you already have that employers are looking for, visit CAREERinsite.

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