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Easy Reading Job Profiles ✓ Easy Reading

Do you want to learn more about different jobs?

Easy Reading Dictionary

Use the Easy Reading Dictionary to learn the words in this article.

  • You can find out about 23 jobs here.
  • You can find out what a person does in the job.
  • You can read a story about someone who does this kind of work.
  • You can learn about what you need to do the job.
  • You can find out how much you can make per hour.
  • You can learn more about other jobs like these.

Would you like to read about one of the jobs? You can click on the name of that job. You can also print the job profiles you would like to read. 

Jobs where you clean things:

Jobs where you drive or move things:

Jobs where you help or serve people:

Jobs where you make or fix things:

Jobs where you prepare food:

Jobs where you protect things or people:

Jobs where you sell things to people:

Jobs where you work with living things:

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