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Edmonton 780-422-4266

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Outreach Material

Alis bookmarks (maximum 500 per order) and other outreach items are available for order through the Workplace and Career Planning unit.

Please specify event or purpose of request. 

  • Email:
  • Phone in Edmonton area: 780-422-1794
  • Phone toll-free in Alberta: 310-0000

Order other items, such as the alis and CAREERinsite posters.

Alis and Publications PowerPoint Presentations

The following presentations provide brief overviews of alis resources and publications. You can use the presentations as educational tools or to promote the resources to others.

You can pick and choose slides from each PowerPoint to customize your own presentations. You can also tailor your presentations to a particular topic (e.g., job search, career planning) or audience (e.g., youth, employers, low literacy). Blank Slides are also available so you can create customized slides. Simply download the files and save them to your computer to make the changes.


Flyers are available providing information on career, education, workplace and labour market resources.

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