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Use Alis to Find Your Top Occupations and Jobs

Finding the perfect job or occupation can be a challenge. There are hundreds of occupations and thousands of job postings to choose from. With new roles always emerging and the nature of work always changing, it can be hard to know where to start.

Planning your career or looking for work can be stressful. Luckily, the tools on alis are designed to help make these important tasks easier.

How to get a personalized list of occupations to explore

Did you know that researchers have put a lot of thought into how different types of people tend to enjoy different types of occupations? The Know Yourself section of CAREERinsite helps you apply this research to your own career.

For example, completing either the Interests or Abilities exercise will create a list of recommended occupations that match your answers. Complete them both to narrow your shortlist even further.

Interested in an occupation that didn’t make your shortlist? That’s OK. The shortlist is just a suggestion to help you get started. You can always add in other ideas that you’d like to explore.

Once you have your personalized shortlist of occupations, you can explore them further in the Occupations in Alberta section. The profiles for each occupation describe what it’s like to work in the occupation. They also set out the education or certifications you’ll need, the wages you can expect, the employment outlook, current job openings, related occupations, and other valuable information.

Use filters to find top jobs and occupations

The exercises in CAREERinsite are a great place to start. But sometimes you have specific wants or needs to take into account. Here are some examples of people using the powerful filters on alis to find the top jobs and occupations on alis for their unique situation.

Construction occupations with a great long-term employment outlook

Jennifer is looking to get into the construction industry after completing a training program. She wants to be sure that the occupation she chooses is one that will be hiring when she’s done her training. She goes to the Occupations in Alberta page and filters for occupations in the construction industry that have an above-average employment outlook. Now Jennifer sees a list of promising career options.

Emerging occupations in the sciences

Nestor is a high school student with a passion for science. He wants to find a career that allows him to explore his interest and work with some of the latest scientific innovations. By visiting the Occupations in Alberta page and filtering for emerging occupations suited to people who exceled in high school science classes, he finds several occupations that match his interests.

Forestry occupations that don’t require heavy lifting

Kofi has always liked the idea of working in nature and helping to conserve the environment. The forestry industry seems like a natural fit for him. But he’s worried he won’t qualify for jobs in this industry because of chronic back pain that prevents him from lifting heavy objects. Kofi visits the Occupations in Alberta page and filters for occupations in the Forestry and Logging Industry that only require lifting up to 5 kilograms. He now sees a list of occupations he can pursue without worry of his injury holding him back.

Computer careers that don’t require a degree

Nirmala is looking to change careers. She has taught herself a lot about computer systems in her spare time and would like to find a computer-related career. She knows she needs formal training, but she’s worried about her ability to afford a 4-year program. The cost of attending school for 4-plus years combined with the cost of the child care she’d need for her daughter would be too much for her to afford. Nirmala goes to the Occupations in Alberta page and filters for computer-related occupations that only require a certificate or diploma. She sees there are many promising occupations in the computer industry that require training for only 2 years or less.

High-paying occupations in the retail industry

Jodi is a high school student working part time as a salesperson at a clothing store. She knows she has a knack for sales, and she enjoys talking with customers. She’s wondering if a career in retail is something that could earn her enough money to live comfortably on her own one day. By visiting the Occupations in Alberta page and filtering for occupations in the retail industry that earn $30 per hour or more, she finds several occupations that match her interests.

High demand occupations that employ large numbers of Albertans

Amandeep is entering grade 12 and needs to review his career plan. He finds he’s drawn to occupations in varying industries. He needs help narrowing down his options. One way is to focus on occupations that are likely to be hiring soon. By visiting the Occupations in Demand page and filtering for occupations in high demand, Amandeep finds many occupations that interest him. He can see how many Albertans are currently employed in each occupation, and he can explore related occupational profiles.

Trades with readily available apprenticeships

Yvette has been reading about the high demand for tradespeople in Alberta. She’d like to start working as an apprentice and gain on-the-job skills while earning money to pay her bills. By visiting the Alberta Job Postings page and searching for the keyword “apprentice,” Yvette finds apprenticeship jobs across Alberta that can help her start her career.

Seasonable jobs that are close to home

Christa lives in Lake Louise and works as a ski instructor at a local ski hill each winter. She’d like to line up a job for the summer season now—preferably one nearby so she doesn’t have to give up her apartment lease—and then return to the ski club next winter. As the ski season begins to wind down, Christa uses the “Nearby Jobs” and “Employment Type” filters on the Alberta Job Postings page to find several seasonal jobs within 100 kilometres of her home. From within the job postings, she follows the Related Occupations links to learn more about what the work might require.

Night shift jobs that can be done from home

Joseph works as a cook at a restaurant. He needs to find a way to earn more money to replace his broken-down car. Most shifts, he works from noon until about 7 p.m., which gives him a lot of free time at night. But after spending his shift on his feet, he doesn’t have a lot of physical energy left. One solution might be to find a job that allows him to work from his apartment at night. Joseph visits the Alberta Job Postings page and checks the “Work from Home” filter. Then he goes to the “Additional Filters” to select “Night” from the “Work Schedule” options. Joseph now has a list of potential nightshift employment opportunities that would allow him to work-from-home.

Indigenous-friendly management jobs

Sandra has recently completed a business management certificate and wants to see what her job prospects are. Being Indigenous, she also wants to make sure she’s applying to companies that proudly hire Indigenous people. Sandra visits the Alberta Job Postings page and filters for “Management occupations” from the “Job Category” list. Then she goes to the “Additional Filters” to select “Indigenous” from the “This Employer Hires” list. Sandra now sees a list of management job postings from employers who state they hire Indigenous people.

Newcomer-friendly jobs while I build my English language skills

Bohdan recently moved to Red Deer from Ukraine. In Ukraine, he worked as a bartender for several years. But he knows he needs to improve his English language skills to do the same job in his new city. While he works on his English skills, Bohdan is hoping to find a job that is open to newcomers and doesn’t require high-level verbal skills. Bohdan goes to the Alberta Job Postings page and under the “Find Your Fit” section he sets his “Verbal Ability” to 2 stars. Then he goes to the “Additional Filters” to select “Newcomer” from the “This Employer Hires” list. Finally, he sets the “Location” filter to “Red Deer.” Bohdan now sees a number of newcomer-friendly jobs he has the verbal skills to do well.

Part-time entry level jobs to make ends meet

Chris recently finished grade 12 and is looking to upgrade some courses to get his high school diploma. His parents will allow him to continue living at home for free, but he needs money for things like his cell phone plan, bus passes, and extra spending money. He doesn’t have any formal work training yet, but he feels he has a lot of the core skills employers look for. Chris goes to the Alberta Job Postings page and clicks the “Work Type” filter to select “Part Time.” Then he goes to the “Additional Filters” to select “No degree, certificate, or diploma” from the “Level of Study” list. Now Chris sees a list of jobs that work with his level of training and schedule.

Take control of your career

Your career needs are as unique as you are. But your story probably has similarities to some of the scenarios above. Using their solutions as a starting point, you can adapt and combine different filter settings to find the jobs and occupations that are right for you. Being able to use the tools and filters available on alis and other work search and career planning sites is an important skill—one that you’ll benefit from throughout your career.

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