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Understand Your Work Preferences

For work to fit you well, it must reflect your work preferences. These are your most important skills, interests and values.

To identify your work preferences, think about the paid and unpaid work activities you’ve enjoyed in the past. What was it about these activities that made them satisfying?

Then think about your ideal work situation. If you could imagine your dream job, what would it be like?

Use your answers to create a list of your work preferences.

Identify your work preferences

Follow these steps to identify your work preferences.

  1. Consider the type of working environment you want. Think about the nature of the work, the hours, location, job security, rate of pay, benefits, size, type of organization and so on.
  2. Think about the skills you want to use or develop. Consider both transferable skills and work–specific skills.
  3. Decide what values and interests you want to express through your work. Be aware that some of your values and interests can be expressed in other ways, outside of work.
  4. Identify the opportunities you want. These might include advancing to a more senior position or developing specific skills.

For more information about work preferences, download the publication Advanced Techniques for Work Search and check out the section “Understanding Your Workplace Preferences.”

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