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Make a Plan to Reach Your Training Goal ✓ Easy Reading

Everyone has dreams. Your goals are the dreams that you can make real.

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For example, you can dream of being a famous chef. It’s a nice dream. But if you want this dream to be real, you must make it your goal. This means you must do things that help you be what you want to be. For example, you can take cooking classes. Or you can work in a restaurant. If you don’t try to make your dream of being a chef real, then your dream will stay a dream.

When you train, you are working to make your dream real. You have a training goal. A training goal will help you get the job you want.

TIP: It takes time to reach important goals. Sometimes it will be hard. Keep thinking about the reason for your goal. That will make it easier.

Think about your training goal

Make a training plan

Imagine that you want to cross a stream or a creek. There is no bridge. But you need to cross the water. What can you do?

You can rush into the water. Maybe you will get to the other side. But you could also fall in. Everything will be wet.

Or you can make a plan. For example, you can look for a spot with stones to step on. But some stones will not help you. They will not take you across. You must choose the right stones. They can be big stones or smaller stones. But they will help you reach the other side.

It’s the same for a training goal. Make a plan first. Then choose the right steps. This plan will help you reach your training goal.

Your training plan

You will need at least 5 steps in your training plan. Some of the steps will include smaller steps. These steps will help you reach your training goal.

Here are some steps you will need:

  1. Find out if your training goal is a good goal.
  2. Think about your skills.
  3. Think about your learning style.
  4. Decide what kind of training you need.
  5. Decide where you want to get training.

Click on each link above. Each article will help you decide what steps you need for your plan. It will help you think about each step.

TIP: You may need only 5 steps in your training plan. Or you may need more. Or you may start with 5 steps and then decide to add more later.

You decide how many steps you need. It depends on you. And it depends on your training goal. You may need to do some steps more than once.

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