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Increase Satisfaction in Key Areas of Your Life

Don't waste time waiting for a positive change to happen. You have the power to create your own change.

You can choose to change work roles, start or end a relationship, start an exercise program or leisure activity, have a child, move to a new location, or enrol in a course or training program. Life would be boring without change!

By assessing 8 key areas of your life, you can figure out which parts are satisfying to you now, and which are less satisfying. Using this information, you can choose which area you would like to create a small or large change in.

1. Home—where you live and how you live
2. Relationships—your partner, family, friends, and community
3. Health—your level of health, physical fitness, and leisure
4. Personal—your spiritual, emotional, and personal development
5. Learning—your skills, training, and knowledge
6. Finances—the money you earn and the expenses you have
7. Work—any paid or volunteer work you do
8. Workplace—where you work and the people you work with
Set a specific date for when you'll start your plan. Start immediately, if you can.

Now, put this on your to-do list, calendar or organizer, and start to make it happen.

Email or print your answers

If you'd like a copy of your answers, you can print this form or email it to yourself.





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